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Posted by Debi Face on 12/24/2017

The kids are gone and your home that once always felt full to the brim might begin to feel like too much for just the two of you. Which also means itís the perfect time to buy just the kind of home you always dreamed of having. And letís be honest, this isnít always the home young couples need to raise their growing family.

Open the next chapter of your life by, quite literally, opening a new door.

One of the most important factors to consider when house hunting is whether to stay within your existing community. Many couples are excited to not be tied to one place and have the ability to move to somewhere much warmer or scenic. However, itís important to consider a few factors that some couples find they wish they had when they first started house hunting for homes across the country.

One of the biggest factors to consider is your family and friends. Moving across country can mean seeing them a lot less. And even though we now have video call technology thereís no replacement for that one on one interaction you get when theyíre just a drive around the corner.

Instead of jumping in feet first, consider vacationing in the location(s) you are considering for a week or two at a time. Get to know the surrounding community while you are there. What types of people are in the area and can you see yourself easily becoming one of the group? Visit the restaurants, coffee shops, library and community center to see where people gather and if they are ďyourĒ people. If you have a hobby or are looking to take one on look into what sort of activities are in the area. Look for sewing/knitting circles, cooking classes, speaking events, and/or hobby shops in the area.

You might just find that the area is best for visiting time to time and not a place youíd like to grow roots. However, you do find you love the location look into the different travel options and what pricing will look like throughout the year. Especially around the holidays. You donít want to find out after the fact that you need to drive to a train station two hours away just to get on a train or pay an arm and a leg for a plane ride.

One last thing to consider is planning for your budget both now and in the future. Retirement has a lot of perks but cash flow can get tricky when it comes to big-ticket items. Look for homes that you can pay as much of the total as possible up front. Having small, or no, mortgage payments will ensure you are well within your means. If this is a home you plan to live in for a very long time youíll want to make sure that all expenses can be covered by one of you if anything should happen to the otherís income source.   

Posted by Debi Face on 7/16/2017

Choosing the right retirement home might be more important than choosing a starter home.Why? You generally buy a retirement home during your richly seasoned years. By the time you start shopping for a retirement home, the end of your work career is in view.

Amenities that can turn a retirement home into an oasis

There may be no other time in your life when you spend more time at home than during retirement. Not only are you getting your finances together, you're daydreaming about a quieter life. In fact, when you pick up the telephone and call a realtor, informing her that you want to start looking for a place to retire, you might already be counting down the remaining years left for you to work.

Because you'll likely spend most of your time in or around  your house after you retire, to appreciate your end-of-work years, pick a house that you love. Get a retirement home with these five benefits, some of the benefits and amenities are multi-purpose, and you could enjoy being at your house decades after you retire:

  • Lots of space - Large, open rooms are easy to maneuver around, reducing the chances that you will bump into another person in your house. Ample space also makes it easy to avoid bumping into furniture,cabinets and shelving.
  • Few or no steps - The fewer steps in a retirement home, the less likely it might be that you will stumble and fall. Should you experience balance challenges, not having to climb up and down steps could prevent you from getting seriously injured.
  • Large, open windows - Bay windows with amazing outdoor views turn a retirement home into an oasis. Sitting in the living room or on the front porch in such a setting can be immediately relaxing.
  • Newly installed title or hardwood floors - You won't have to worry about carpet stains with quality tile or hardwood floors. Cleaning tile and hardwood floors generally takes less work than scrubbing and steaming carpet.
  • Open floor plans - This design benefit keeps you from having to struggle with door knobs as you get older.

Get a home you love before you head into retirement

In addition to the above structure designs and amenities, go for a retirement home that has newly installed appliances and amenities. Your retirement home shouldn't force you to deplete your bank account just to finish one necessary repair after another. It also shouldn't put you at risk of slips and falls, the latter which happens more frequently as people age.

Instead of being too small, your retirement home should be large enough to accommodate family gatherings, outdoor entertainment and other social engagements. If you had children, the house should definitely make it easy and fun for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to spend a night or weekend with you.

In a nutshell, a great retirement home has no less than five winning amenities.These winning amenities help you to feel more relaxed and alive at home than you'd feel if you spent a night at a hotel.

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